New Interest

As every childhood, I too like drawing. At the beginning i tried to draw mountains, tree, sun, river, house with a well…. like that. And step by step in the school days, draw pictures for science and maps for social. Most of people start the drawing experience in school as compulsory. But its stayed deep in every heart and mine too.

Still now I have that pinch of passion in drawing especially pencil drawing.

Old saying – To create a new talent money can be spend. Yes, to spend money or time to get a practice for a new talent is always worth. Many people are afraid of stepping into a new way in their life. Whatever it is, taking a first step is so difficult. But to try new stuff, I hope doesn’t hurt.

Even though I am drawing like a kid now, but still it satisfying my starting stage. I am not saying that I am a great or better artists. But I try to draw. I try to enjoy.

So I decided to make a album of whatever I draw.

Looooooong Gaaaaaappppppp

Today I was searching my mobile apps. Then, I ran over through WordPress once again.

One year yaaaaa one year i didn’t post any thing. WOW. Writing didn’t blinked me that whole year.

I was busy with my new job. I was so serious in those time. Actually, I don’t know, whether i was busy or gotten away from myself. Thanks. I am back with my leisure time.

Anyway, now i got time to think.. spend time for myself. feeling good….
I missed writing.

Give a VOICE

To get a voice in the world is so difficult.

I’m not talking about the physical vocal cord voice, its the VOICE of mind or heart or you can even say soul. Where we speak up for our thoughts.

You know what! that’s not easy to trainee like any physical activities.

Some people are centered and build a great wall of their mind. They are afraid to express their thoughts because having a fear of what reaction they would get from others.

They just gaze the talking mouth of others…. and their feel bad when their point of view don’t even have a RIGHTS to listen.

Sometimes they might have a cool idea, or be responsible or even more trustful as you want. Instead of keep on making them look down on their own, others should give them a time to speak up.

In day to day life, you may have a chance to meet these people. Give them a chance….. let’s try.

Let’s their voice be heard……

and I like to quote,

Sometimes quiet people really do have a lot to say.

They’re just being careful about who they open up to.

                                                                       – Susan Gale

Way Far to think

people always think far from where they are actually be. Always running away from their situation, thinking that everything is fine or going to be. some psychologist says that dreams are the inner desire of humans. anyone can fly, be alone, be with lots of friends or falling in love. it may be a happily ever after or even nightmare. sometimes people are happy that it at least happening in their dreams. they feel satisfying. 

Once again lost track

as i said before i always get lost in time, when it comes about writing. studies came across.

well, as i came back, i’d like conform that i am dam sure i am going to write continuously. really.

i have to going to write a level test in august. i am not preparing well. 

You see now, i am not in stable thinking of something. as a human mind, many say human mind its like a monkey, its jumps a lot tree in a second. like wise our mind that means thoughts are not in stable sometimes, it keeps on jumping from one to another. i don’t know what all the ways to keep in track. lets see.

From those days…

midnight 12.09 am

From my school days, writing means put your thought, what you learned in words. as every school days, experience of writing from essays and composition. it was easy for me to write in my native language as it is a phonetic one that it how we pronounce we write. But, English as my second language, first it was difficult as any one who study a new language. but , some times i feel easy to talk and write in English is little easy because it’s a medium of instruction from my school days till now. as my other people (around me)…. like me… i want to write in English as it is a global language. you know its a medium to share my thoughts. i always write in it. but during my college days i got to know that i too have a little talent of writing.

before that i got the inspiration of writing from my elder sister…she was  too good in English (speaking and Writing).. she always keep a diary. she keeps our thoughts in words that can remain the things we think about. that the writing…. words……make a lot meanings…..

Bored Again!!!

night, 9.37 pm

as i said before i get bored of continuous writing about things. now i am. as i am writing about writing , it keeps me think more. i am only having a few knowledge about writing. it makes me to believe that i want to post a prefect writing of mine. but i am not a prefect writer, i am not even a serious writer. then how it makes me to do that.

i just want to write my thought. then why serious? in my natives there is a old saying “”thinking continuously, will get a better idea”.  sometimes it does. i want to know about writing. i am skimming the memories from my childhood what sort of writing methods and what all things we thought about writing.



Night 11.02 pm
Still thinking about writing.what exactly writing means and where writing leads us. I said its about the true feeling what we felt. But what makes us interesting in reading some others experience. I still don’t get it. But, I love to read.
When we watch movies, music
(background) plays a big role. Some say music kindles our emotions. Likewise, what happen in writing? It may be the small details of the surrounding of the main character in a story. The words he/she put to explain is becomes a gift or a curse to the writer.
How he explains is more important than what he explain.

Diary – first step for writing

When I was a kid, I too wanted to keep a secret diary, where my personal thoughts and feeling to keep -hide from others-just for me. But, as usual I lost my track and I stop to write in few days. I have been doing this thing from my 8th grade, High School and college days too. Something always stops me from keeping a diary, it may be that “It’s a secret diary no one going to read -except me. Then, why to keep a diary? It’s all in my mind-memorable incident, sad incident, all together. Then I realize, our brain is very keen gift. Its keep only the memory what we actually needed to remember. But, some incident just says that I was happy or sad in the past. It doesn’t give the elaborate details of how happy or how sad I was. I know now, for this I need writing….

Writing gets our true feelings of what was felt. As I already said it may be happy or sad or even anger, it just presents how we felt.

Back to track

Evening 3.40 pm

Actually, i was decided to write my thoughts, but i was writing about my life. hrr… ok. what i am thinking right now? let me write about writing.

i am a reader with little passion of writing. Writing means to have stuff which someone have learned so far. Many people feel so hard to do this. The biggest secret of the great writers are, they all write about what they really felt and met in their life, which makes the readers to live the writers life once again. Like me most readers like to have a different vision on their own living world. That’s the KEY – to get the interest of the readers.

You can ask me – What about the creative or fantasy writing? Everything is based on the old one but with many more modification. No one can resist this fact.